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    I think if you want the same old gameplay, with better/great graphics... go for the PS3/X360. If you want a completly new gameplay experience... go for Wii.

    I personally grew tired of the same old gameplay some time ago, during the GC days. I think the Wii is like going from SNES to N64, rather than N64 to GC. So yea, I prefer the Wii ^_^.

    BTW, I think the graphical standard of Nintendo Wii games will be (hopefully quite noticeably) greater than that of current/previous (PS2/GC/XBox) systems. But seriously, look what they have managed in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and that's just using GC hardware ^_^. So yea, I think I will be more than happy with the graphical power of the Wii.

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    I will buy the PS3 and maybe later the Wii =P
    I think I will buy the Wii when I am desgusted at how much money I spent on the PS3.

    I will not buy a bundle though. If places made it like custom computer shopping, where you could select what you wanted, instead of jacking up the price and using bundles to get all the people who have to have it first, then I might. I think buying a PS3 bundle would require me to use home equity. Only thing versus PS3 price (a gripe to some) is the blueray, but at its size, which they will probably take advantage of, could offer a huge ammount game content, if not at launch then down the road. A 50 gig game would be awesome, my everquest game takes up 3 gigs. What would be sweet is if they made a Mario game like the SNES one and gave it ten thousand levels, I don't think I would get board.

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