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But when sony introduces a new drive its retarded? Not just blu-ray, the ps2 dvd as well. Your dont care if its new or different, you just care about one thing (NINTENDO) that name will sell you anything and you will buy it. Do you need it? No, doesnt matter cause its (NINTENDO)
It is retarded because they're FORCING a DVD player on the consumer and not just ANY DVD player but a next gen DVD player that might not even win the format war! Added to the fact that if Nintendo does decide to create a console with a DVD Drive it might be an ADD ON. NOT a part of the system. OR they could produce 2 different models of the Wii. One with DVD. One without. Its not really that hard to understand that. Microsoft knows its all about options hence why they have 3 different SKUs which are radically different. They cater different people. Sony on the other hand is just a machine like corporation pushing its selected media format on the average consumer.

As for the Wiimote of course its revolutionary. Thats the bottom line. As for the Wii itself I didn't buy it because of its price. I bought it because the concept is exciting and the games are fun while having decent graphics. And in the future I plan on getting a 360 because it also is an undeniably GREAT system which is focused on making great games. The PS3's price is an issue but its not the big one. Theres nothing on the PS3 that makes it worth the money to me or most consumers. I've got a DVD player already. I've got a computer. I've got an ipod. All I want....all I need is a console to PLAY GAMES. Anything else is just fluff. Granted it might be nice and pretty looking fluff but don't get mad because people don't feel compelled to buy unncessary stuff. And before you reply well, "Xbox also has fluff" let me point out that the XBox also has great games and an excellent online system. After doing some research I can tell that Microsoft is truly serious about gaming in general but that they're also interested in bringing other media to the genre. And thats fine as long as it doens't cross a line.