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    possibilities of this game being on wii...

    August 28, 2006
    Family Guy game gets a voice

    Lucas wrote this in the early evening:

    The vocal cast for the up and coming video game version of hit US comedy ‘Family Guy’ has been announced, with the show’s stars all set to expand their involvement in the game.

    First and foremost the show’s top talent, Seth MacFarlane, will provide his ‘freakin’ sweet’ voice over the game’s main characters which include lovable oaf Peter Griffin, his world domination-obsessed son Stewie, and Brian Griffin, the Martini-supping family dog.

    As well as MacFarlane, Alex Borstein has signed up to voice Lois Griffin, while Mila Kunis and Seth Green will provide the voices for sibling rivals Meg and Chris.

    Adam West has also been signed up to portray the Mayor of Quahog.

    President of 2K, Christoph Hartmann, professed his delight at signing up MacFarlane and company, saying: “MacFarlane’s voice alongside the other popular talent on board - Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Alex Borstein and Adam West - will definitely bring the humorous story and animated world of Family Guy to life in this must-have game for fans of the show.”

    ‘Family Guy’ will be released across a range of formats this coming autumn, although no specific release date has been set as yet.

    wow i can't wait, i lost the source so don't start beggin for a source, but this game should be funny
    ....gotta take a wii

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    Here's the official game site:

    So far it is only announced for PSP, PS2, & XBOX. They haven't said anything about the next gen consoles yet.

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