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    So what kind of experiences do you all have ordering from these chinese/taiwanese sites. I've seen some pretty good deals on them but I'm always aprehensive about return policies and warranty issues. Strangely I'm not overly concerned with there quality though.... What ISN'T made in china or taiwan these days?

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    i have alot of experience

    my bf gets flashlights from them that work fairly decently (cree) and he also owns (which i took actual ownership of lol) a high power laser beam which is EXTREMELY ILLEGAL for civilian use. it can actually cut through paper (ive tried)

    i also own a taser that i got for kicks from that site. ironically it works but it does suck lmao. out of curiosity they had them so i purchased it as a novelty with a flashlight on it. i had my bf stun me as i held on to a pole and it did sting but it wasnt the same as the real police ones i use and have been tested with. those hurt 50 times more. the taser does work though, just not something id compare/use for work and safety reasons.

    i also have 2 mp3 players from uxcell.com which deal extreme does carry as well (not the same quantity but some of the same items)

    the one that i have the spectrum is friggen awesome. it works amazing! the vista which my bf has is a pain in the ass. the songs work but it can also play movies which i have yet to figure out the format conversion since ive done just about every format under the sun! ugh!

    in any event, i would trust it. if you want to feel safer, im going to be purchasing these probably over the weekend when i have spare time. like i said it takes a few weeks to get here but the wait is half the fun

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