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What? If you are able to solder the modchip then removing the update before burning the disc is a snap

It was only a possible way to avoid incorrect firmware updates. Not the best way mind you
The core of what you are talking about is using pirated games, as you say its one possible way but not the best. As i have said its still a potentially risky thing to do, also you have to consider the legal aspect of using pirated games.

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The last quote is intended for shops offering premodified Wiis or installation service. I have second hand information from Wii owners in the UK who sent their Wii back for repair after the SPM update. The average cost was around 80$ US (at the current exchange rate).
The quote is not intended for shops only it is also intended for individual wii owners. While the only court cases so far have been against mod chip distributers and shops that have modded the consoles themselves there is no reason why an individual could not be prosecuted under the same legislation, if they had carried out the chip instalation themselves.

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People caught installing or selling mod chips may be subject to criminal charges.
Sending a modified console into Nintendo would be proof positive that you have participated in a criminal act, i.e that you have knowingly modified or had the console modified which is illegal in a lot of countries.

As for your second hand information that some owners have returned modified Wii's to Nintendo and had them subsequently repaired me thinks your having your leg pulled. Do you really beleive that Nintendo will repair a console that is able to circumvente all of the security protocols that they have put in place on the machine? We both know that the answer is no, frankly your delving into the realm of the ludicrous.

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Its obvious you are against any sort of modification.
I am not against any form of modification, however i think it is important to remember some of the legal ramifications. It is also important to remember that the modification may render a console unusable and beyond repair.

Also there may be a nasty surprise in store for those who have modified consoles, when the Xbox first came out some owners had their consoles modified. There was at first no problem, then Microsoft changed the game and started scanning the consoles HDD, BIOS and security protocols when they came online. Microsoft were able to determine if a console was modified and subequently banned those consoles from online gameplay.

Nintendo arent currently doing this, however the technology to do so is in existance and there is no reason why they may not do so in the future. Also there is no reason to assume that future firmware updates will be compatable with a mod chip, you may find that a future firmware update will cause a modded console to brick (by the time you realise this it may be too late). You could of course choose not to download the firmware to get around this, however you might find that the firmware update is required for online so your console may not be able to use WiFi anymore.

Like i say its all about risk.