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    Interesting Articles

    I did a search, but wasn't able to ascertain as to whether or not these articles had been posted as of yet.

    The first is a poll conducted by Enterbrain in regards to console sales:


    I would neither discount nor put too much stock in this poll. Polls are tricky things.

    The second article talks about pre-orders by play.com. Apparently the number of pre-orders for the Wii has broken records in regards to speed and size.


    In my mind, I can only say that things are looking grim in Sonyland. I'm sure they will do well regardless.

    I'm bored. It's a long time before the Wii launches. Wish that speculation about an October launch would have been true.

    Looking at the stock symbol (as far as I can tell, I believe I was watching the correct stock), I think Nintendo has nearly doubled in price since the initial unvieling of Wii specifics. I'm not going to copy and paste a link for this . . . too lazy.

    Not that I'm impressed or worried about console wars . . . just looks to me like Sony might have found its Waterloo.



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    Thanks for the information. Those are good news for Nintendo. I hope that Nintendo takes Sony out of bussiness.

    Wii funds $400

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