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Thread: Wii 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by +Maniacal=Maniac+
    My COusin Got So PO'ed When I Got A 360 Elite And He Was Stuck With His White One... >_>
    i wouldnt be pissed, id just steal yours. >=]

    Quote Originally Posted by ericlewis91
    a nice...snap on hard drive on the side/bottom would be lovely...or some kind of flash
    flash dosent usually hold much memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftfallout
    The wii 2 will come in the form of a penile shaped cable. Thats right. Nintendo's genius plan is for you to buy another wii, and have both wii's hook up to eachother to double the power. They were gonna call it cross fire, but that name was already taken, then they thought they would call it SLI, but that was also taken so they just named it Wii Sex. But then a parent complained and its now just Wii 2 (or as the french say, "wii wii"). $500 later, a wiimote in each hand, and a dual 700mhz system later, you have the next wave of nintendo's marketing.
    ^^ it still wouldn't cost as much as a PS3... :-

    180 + 180 = 360


    Also if you've ever had crossfire... you'll realise that it's actually amazingly amazing (...). It shares the work load between two GPUs and basically allowed the GPU to make more complex calculations (that's why the standard for new PC is now dual core CPUs, soon it will be dual core GPUs ^^)... and Nvidia copied SLT (ha ha... Social Learning Theory - psychology... don't ask) from ATI... so... yeah ^^ (stupid Nvidia...)

    They tried cables/dongles for crossfire... it worked... but it wasn't as good as direct interface on the motherboard, via PCI-E interface. SLT only uses Motherboard interface (special mother board require though =( )

    =| (and it's actually dual 729MHz... to be 100% correct =P)

    NB - French for yes is 'Oui'(not 'wii' or 'wee')... they only say it once... what's the point in saying it twice? do you? (grrr.. stereotypes piss me off... even if it's meant as a joke... it's still wrong.)


    Nice idea though... i don't understand why it'd have to be phallus shaped... but... ok... ^^

    Also would the cable share power or would it need to have two separate plugs?

    Interesting idea... don't think i'd buy it though... i don't really have enough room or power adaptors for all those cables/plugs...

    Maybe you could just tape the two wii together and melt a hole in one side and have a cable from one to another...? A bit of self assembly required though, lol.

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    To whoever posted that there is going to be a HD DVD version in the future, you are crazy. The Wii graphics do not support HD graphics. Wii = 480P with component cable (RGB) (EDTV). HD = 720P or greater. Sorry

    And the only thing Nintendo might change in the next 5 years would be a the color of the console.

    DVD Playback would most likely be a update. Pointless IMHO but I am sure some of you would want it for whatever reason.
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    yeah ^^ i think you are right we wont see any update other than colors.. which i would of loved a black wii with a black wiimote... who would want to watch DVD on a console? i mean it was nice on ps2 cause i had a dvd player in my bedroom but i noticed it killed my console and it was just a sh!t player sound quality bites...

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