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    Quote Originally Posted by rofljeff
    omg I don't use screen savers but my screen turns black after 20 minutes
    That's because you have it set to save power for your monitor...which is good. Keep it that way. But if you insist to leave it on, change it in the control panel.

    Yes, the plasma TV can get that effect-called "ghosting". With today's technology, it's harder to do, but still doable. Search "plasma TV ghosting" in google to learn more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Almo
    yeah i guess its true but its true for all tvs, but like everyone said above it takes ages and i doubt youd leave you TV and wii on and paused for a few days, or even overnight for that fact, ssbb_lover has already stated up there the most important danger, hittn it with the wiimote will casue alot more damage than an image burn
    Eh...it's not true for all TVs. Mainly plasma screens and CRT monitors. And the Wiimote joke was killed before it even existed.

    "for a few days, or even overnight for that fact"...Wow. Two days=More than just overnight.
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