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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathChron
    I think in the end, the Wii will have something for everyone. I just Nintendo wants hardcore gamers to 'bear' with the lack of really hardcore titles. While they build up for casual gamers, because it's whats open for now. But they are surely coming both from Nintendo and 3rd party.

    If Wii Fit does well, that board will be everywhere. And that will then start to peak other peoples interests and flock to retailers looking for Wii. I really pity the gamer that doesn't have a Wii at this point, cause it might get harder to find a Wii in stores for a long time!
    In the end, yeah. But they haven't been straight with hardcore gamers, and they haven't bothered to understand them. I'm pretty sure Nintendo thinks Friend Codes are hardcore. But I'm pretty sure 3rd parties will eventually come through, a la Medal of Honor. Hopefully that's good enough.


    Nintendo has been slow to bring Wii up to speed in that arena. "For our users, we think playing has to be about socializing together in a physical location," says Nintendo Vice President of Marketing George Harrison. But to placate whiny gamers, Nintendo will soon offer "Guitar Hero III" and "Mario Kart," two games with online competition enabled.

    Remember when we said we were going to cater to both casual gamers AND hardcore? Gotcha!

    Forbes.com: Why is it taking so long for Nintendo to make its online game-play system as strong as Sony's or Microsoft's? People want to play Wii Sports with friends and strangers across the world.

    George Harrison: People's ideas of playing online hinges on existing gamers. It means playing Halo in a massively multi-player way. The online experience doesn't have to be as narrow as that. If what you want is an aggressive game you can play online with your friends, maybe the Wii isn't the best fit for that. In our attitude there are a lot more people in our new expanded audience than there are traditional gamers. We think there's a social aspect in real life, in your living room for Wii sports. That said, we do have online games coming.
    Translation: We're going to cater to franchise fans, new casual gamers, and if you hardcore guys can convince some 3rd party to make games for you, well, good luck with that. While you're trying, we're going to do our best to convince them that there are no hardcore gamers on our system so that they'll port more jenga clones. Man we love jenga.

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    Hey man. . . . Jenga is awesome you can't deny it!
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