I have re4 and zelda which are my favorites and first purchases with my wii but lately i've been playing mostly the BIGs and Motral kombat. The bigs is like the older slugfest except it has a rookie challenge whree you can create a player and add stats as you beat the game. Also aloowed 10 player steals from teams you beat in rookie challenge. Which is very fun if you like baseball becasue you swing to hit and throw the wiimote down to pitch. Also mortal kombat is fun inless you hate it for xbox because its the exact game just with better controls in my opinion. I just like im doing more than button smashing when im playing a game and mortal kombat gives me that. To do specials you have to hold and release the b button after 4 different wiimote motions. Which are very easy to learn if you just look at the pictures of what there doing.

Games to look forward to are - (for me anyways)
project hammer
NBA 08 (actually have to bring wiimote up then back down to shoot)
mario galexy
mario kart
super smash
Resident evil unbrella chronicles
soul caliber

hoped that help anyone atleast a little bit