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    Quote Originally Posted by COLDshiver
    imo, either you or your brother did something to make her angry. If you nicely asked her/mentioned to her that you or your brother found something that you would like instead of the PSP (asked nicely), should would never have over reacted. It's like cause and effect. Changing your mind and asking your mom if she could instead buy a Wii for your brother instead of the PSP will never cause your mom to over react. Most likely, your attitude or whatever you added when asking your mom caused her to 'over-react'. The over-reaction would be from your perspective. From her perspective, you might have said something, maybe something mean i don't know, that made her outraged at why their own children would say something like that to them. Or it could have been something else. Asking her to get a Wii instead of a PSP would have never caused your mom to 'over react'.

    Also, like other posts: Your parents have done so much for you, you should feel lucky. You and your brother should split the money to get a Wii. You should also feel lucky that your mom even decided to get your brother a PSP.
    we did not say anything.. The only thing my brother said was this :"I've decided that i want to get the wii. "
    -"Oh my gosh! Make up your mind, Whats the differance between the psp and the wii"
    -" The Wii is the same price but it is much better"
    And then she gets angry...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip
    I think he's referring to my "Yeh you did" comment. I was actually laughingly applauding Jenovas suggestion that it was "her time of the month". I guess I worded it poorly. I am lacking sleep, and I should be doing my Uni work. But, bleh.

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    Yeah, sorry for the miscommunication.

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