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    Then you guys play to hard.
    Nah, it's just been really bloody hot =P

    Anyways, another game that you should look into is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I just read the article about it in this month's Nintendo Power and I think everyone will be impressed with this game. The graphics are amazing, the story is intricate, and the speed never slows below 60 frames/second. Not to mention it will keep you busy for quite awhile: the guy said he played it for 6 hours and only completed about 19% of the game! August 27 is the date marked on my calender, and I expect this game to keep me busy long after December 3 (when Super Smash Bros Brawl comes out...another amazing-looking game that you can check out here-> www.smashbros.com) The kid-targeting is just something that "hardcore" 360 and PS3 fans say even if they've never played the Wii. It's really for all ages.

    EDIT: Ah yes, Red Steel...amazing. One of the first games I bought, and it's very impressive. It doesn't take full advantage of the Wii's graphics because it was an early game, but the gameplay is absolutely amazing. I've heard nothing but good things about Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, though I haven't played them myself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mouse1984
    so what kind of adult games r there going to be?

    i dn't mean games with that have to have swear words in all the time cuz that doesn't bother me, i mean like good fps (first person shooter).

    and role playing games but not animation ones.

    well like i said if anything zelda but youre not one for animation. shame it was a great game for the system.

    call of duty 3 was good but again if youre jaded dont play it. my friend loves the PC version and had a bad time using the wiimote. hes also an avid real life shooter (as am i) so he tried to use the wiimote as a gun (before the concept of the wiigun was released or known about) it was mildly humorous lol.

    then theres godfather which was very fun. it was interesting because you got to do a series of hits and make your own mobster who will later after doing these hits become the don of NYC. if youre familiar with the godfather games for the xbox, youll appreciate the wii version and probably enjoy it more so than scareface. from what i hear scarface was rather bunk

    blazing angels was a good game although not really my cup of tea so to speak. my bf was more into it because he liked the flight simulation. you use the wiimote and nunchuck apart from eachother as if youre flying a plane and you get to bomb tanks and other planes. its a little slow and lags but youll get used to it over time. if youre watching someone play it, you notice it BIG time. if youre in control not so much

    i also have resident evil 4 which IMO is the best game i played on the wii so far. i enjoyed the game very much. the game is also availble for the GameCube if you want to use a wired remote as opposed to the wiimote. i say get the wii version its only 30$ anyways.

    those are my recommendations. if youre interested, i know ive made posts about godfather and blazin angels in the past and how i went into details about the games. same with COD3. im sure youll like them if youre interested in those type of games

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    just wait, im sure more..adult ish?.......will come up

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    This has been discussed to death, ressurected, and lather-rinse-repeated.

    In before the lock!

    Edit: Avast ye Jill, You unlocked the thread, and posted.
    So therefore, you're not in before the lock.
    That turtle has a brief case. It must be going to work. I hope it has a good day.

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    IATL for me FTW BBQ!

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