Alrighty people, I have a question!
when do you expect The WII to sell out?
Please state which country you live in because it depends on that too on how many the country is getting. Oh and If you didnt preorder a wii, how long do you expect to wait before buying xD And how many do you presume will be available at launch. Now last question how and when are you going to buy a wii.

Here is mine:
-6 places to shop for a wii [Woot!]
-Did not preorder so i expect 2 weeks before i won't be able to buy it from all of the 6 places
-I presume... 30 in each store other then Bestbuy/Walmart/Costco who i expect them to get over 50 and my local loblaws around 10...
-I am getting my wii on launch or a week after launch.[Buying not preordering, Actualy i might preorder not sure.]