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    Yea this was just put out to get gamepro some attention, it's almost impossable to guess which console will be better untill the public gets it's grubby little hands on them. because everyone knows that reviews play and write, and us gamers just don't stop playing. in a nut shell, i'm still buying a Wii but i'm not about to jump to any conclusions about how well it'll do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by COLDshiver
    I think he was really biased. Also, only the 360 has come out already and you can't really judge it until it's come out. What happens if a PS3 has a major glitch and the power supply overheats and explodes? then the PS3 will be the loser of this round of next gen
    The 360 has been out for a year, and the PS3 still won without even being released. I think you're completely right saying that it was biased. Makes me sick.
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    Anyways I think that the wii will do good. Trust me it is going to sell more than the ps3 i know that for sure. I PS3 is only releasing 400,000 worldwide. WOOOOOOOOOW I dont wanna get one because it is to high and i am not really a fan of the ps3 or the 360.
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    The problem is that the criteria are defined by the surveyors.

    The point with the above statement is . . . I can put two boxers in the ring. Depending on the rules, I can dictate which one wins.

    Are graphics important? Are media formats important? Et Cetera. How would you write this article the correct way?

    Do a survey asking consumers what areas are the most important to them. Take the five highest categories. Rate the systems in these categories. The article writers definted the categories, so they defined the winner of their so called war before they even finished the article.

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