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    Its probably more the fact that its a demo not the full finished game, there will probably be a sensitivity setting in the game just like shooters out now, and the demos haven't been up to speed with the actual build either since they have to section off the demo and load the level different, they even said that ubisoft had told them I believe in this one demo play that this was not the build they were working on right then, I'd wait a little while more and check other sites who don't say this to get a more general opinion, after all one man's girlfriend is another man's t.., wait hows that go again, well you get the point not everyone likes the same thing. What I really hope at least one good FPS will have is changing/tuning the turning speed and size of the box you have to aim in all the way down to no box, and up to having to move off screen.
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    guess we have to wait n see. but if it DOES have a sensitivity options...then f--- ign's opinion
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