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    Originally Posted by Jenova
    Wii -
    Pros: AMAZING gameplay, the most fun system yet. Totally different games.
    Cons: Not amazing graphics, but good enough.

    PS3 -
    Pros: AMAZING graphics
    Cons: Insanely expensive, almost same games as 360.

    Xbox360 -
    Pros: amazing graphics and CHEAPER THAN PS3 and.. \/
    Cons: Almost same games as PS3.
    fixed it .
    Was going to say that was a bit harsh on the 360. Its a quality system all it needs is a better catalogue of games and it will certainly have a big say on the PS3 sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukasJunior
    DAMN u must have a huge family..but how can u sey ds owns psp...psp has well betta graphix...beta games(not animal crossin sh*t)...and psp has amazin online qualities.....cn hold photos music,downloadable demos...............so in fact psp OWNS ds

    Yup i do have a big Fam!

    but im talkin about in sells.

    In the making

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