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    Quote Originally Posted by nobby149
    Oh my god, honestly I don't believe what I'm hearing.

    I am a game developer now, and have been a programmer for a number of years. I build PC's and specify PC hardware for major companies when I was developing major team projects to make new computer software systems.

    In simple terms; DirectX 10 is in the hardware, it has to be put in there when being made, and isn't a software update/upgrade, so to develope a directx driver to run on a graphics card other than a geforce 8800 etc is impossible.

    DirectX 10 in terms of gaming will need 768mb of graphics ram which is on the GPU, and will require a 2GHz clockspeed on the GPU aswell. Meanwhile the processor would need to be atleast 3+GHz to run directx 10 to its fullest at the moment.


    Wii CPU: IBM Broadway 729MHz
    required directx10 CPU: 3GHz+ dual core processor

    Wii GPU: ATI Hollywood 243MHz
    directx10 GPU: 2GHz (2048MHz)

    Wii supported resolution: Up to 480p (the GPU can only manage up to this)
    directx10 GPU: more than 1080p if it ever came out!!!!!!

    Wii RAMM: 88MB
    RAMM required to run directx10 games: 2-4GB (2000-4000mb RAMM)

    Now I hope you listen. A directx10 graphics card costs 400, and the wii costs 170 with nintendo still raking in a large profit as the wii only costs the 90 to make which includes man power etc.

    Now honestly mate stop pretending to be someone your now, and if you are, then god save us all cause you aint one!
    You are sightly wrong on several points.
    1.) Directx 10 cards do not cost 400. I have an XFX 8800gts and that retails for about 250, you can go for 8600 (mid range), or even 8300 (low end) which are considerabley cheaper than this. To be fair I would be dubious as to whether the 8300 could run a dx10 game.

    2.) Doesn't need 768mb ram at all. my card has 640mb and runs Crysis MP and lost planet just fine. they also make a 320mb version that my friend has and this is also just fine.

    3.)My GPU is clocked at 550mhz, not 2ghz. THe ddr2 memory is at 1800mhz.

    4.) 3ghz dual core? nope, I have a 2.6ghz intel core 2 duo and it's lightening quick.

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    Right, I get your point, but that's not how I meant it. By "OpenGL can run DX10" I didn't mean it in the way that OpenGL could make Microshit's DirectX10 run on systems that are not compatible with Microshit's DirectX10.

    OpenGL is an alternative to DX10, so what I meant is that via OpenGL you can have the same effects that are only possible with DX10.

    And by "even though it wouldn't make much sense" I meant exactly what you wrote about processing power. Even though it'd be possible to create those effects, the Wii wouldn't just be able to handle it. It's too weak.

    Bump Mapping, how ever, isn't really that big of a deal. The Xbox had it, some Gamecube titles had it, even the f*cking NGage had Normal Maps.
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    OK yes. I am a developer working on a wii game focusing on pushing graphics to the max we can.

    Couple of corrections.

    1 - That whole spchele on the wii and DX is very odd seeing as that this isn't about the wii doing Direct X.

    2 - Your specs for running DX 10 are VERY far from the truth. I can run a simple quad tech demo running a DX10 geometry shader on a machine with 128mb of ram and a 128mb 8600gts mobility laptop. Has nothing to do with the API, its how much you actually render.

    The point here is that you cannot run DirectX on the wii thus there is no way of doing Normal Mapping as NM is a directX shader. What im trying to educate the community with is the fact that the wii's API is SIMILER TO...NOT THE SAME..as openGL and has no programmable shaders, thus effects like bump mapping and shader effect are done with tricks.

    The wii has 64mb of ram, and has the same...NOT EVEN A LITTLE DIFFERENT...gpu as the cube. Its clocked about 35% faster.

    Just trying to educate the community with facts.

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