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    Quote Originally Posted by RivalDestiny
    And seriously dude, stop spamming on these boards.
    Easy there tiger.

    My posts are hardly spam - while I may take a few opportunities to bring a little levity into some threads I think I've made some reasonable contributions in my short time here - even the posts that may seem slightly nonsensical are usually by design.

    I thought GThwaite's post about managing to leverage the demand for Wii's into a business model that was superior to his "formal" occupation was pretty funny, in a positive context. Did you not get this? He seems like a big boy that can handle himself, so he must have understood.

    For record, I don't need some dissertation about profitability models of buying in-demand products and reselling them.

    Now take a deep breath and relax

    "I want to be more like the ocean, no talking, all action"
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    - Liliane Eva

    "The grammar corrections around here are officially old and tired."
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    Quote Originally Posted by GThwaite
    First off, I don't believe you've ever owned a 360. I owned the moon, but then i just decided to own earth instead. See how easy it was to say that? Alot of fanboys try to lower another systems rank by saying they didn't enjoy the system and sold it for another system. How do I know this? My little brother does it all the time, he post on here and i've read his post and they're all lies. I'm not going to say his name cause he's my brother but still, he's a fanboy. I'm sorry I never even said I was referring to you anyways so how about you chill out bud. I don't have a problem with the wii, I gave the one I used to use to my little brother so now I play it just when I go home. However I do recognize that the system just doesn't have the kind of games I want. I love playing the mini games and I got to mess around with metroid a bit which was very fun, but I really just prefer to play halo 3 online right now. I'll probrably have to open up another Wii when Mario and SSBB comes out but I'm just waiting on it to gather a nice collection of games before I add it to my cramped space anyways.
    okay ill chill out. i admit i was a bit heated. but seriously, dont refer to me as a fanboy because im a girl. second of all i dont care if you dont believe me, but i had an xbox360 for 29 days and returned it on amazon under "Product did not reach expectations." maybe there are some little kid fanboys here that lie about crap like that but i dont. anyway this is stupid. enjoy your gaming.
    "..buried beneath the waves, forgotten at the bottom of the ocean."

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