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    Why don't you wait a little more until mario galaxy and smash bros come out?

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    I guess I'm a +much+ more casual gamer - if a great game is released every 4-6 months, I'm usually inclined to keep a console. It's not like I need a steady stream of 1-2 games a month.

    We bought ours for Zelda/Paper Mario now, and Mario Galaxy in the near future, which will probably keep us busy until March, hahaha!

    I guess my point is we bought the Wii knowing it had specific games we wanted to play - but if nothing in the current library or foreseeable future interests you, might as well bail while the market still supports the inflated pricing! (Assuming you need to repurpose the money already spent).

    I was going to ask if that was your Mustang in the pic? I guess not based on your age - sweet ride though.

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