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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgemute
    With all of the new amazing news coming out surrounding Nintendo's new information on networking possibilities and some sweet (hefty looking) wii ware titles, new amazing news on smash (and how well it plays and looks), the news of the exclusivity of monster hunter 3, and well everything else...does this mean the wii will stop being the forgotten "fad" console that everyone likes to think it is? I really think Nintendo is here to stay this generation despite what many people think...Its just going to take a few months
    I concurr. Finally we see that we are going to experience some games that I believe to be 'next generation'. With the release of Brawl I believe it will encapsulate a true Multiplayer Audience, which I believe will combat the following of HALO and it's Multi/Online play.

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    Try living in australia and then say WII has started to get good games... WOO 14 TILL METTROID 3
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    The wii is not going down that easily. That article is garbage and you should never trust what game magazines have to say about any of the consoles longevity.

    If it is not a console specific magazine then chances are they're getting paid for their articles that either tout, or defame one of the consoles. They are paid handsomely to say this or that about the wii,360, or ps3.

    Remember when the 360 was having hard times? everyone had all but abandoned them and several editors were complaining that the only reason fans bought the thing was for halo 3 and were getting tired of the steady stream of 1st/rd person shooters?(same could be said for the ps3 in terms of God of War 3..but I'm not trying to start flame wars just making a point)

    That was a well thought out smear campaign driven by either sony or nintendo. I'm thinking thats more of sony's style since I've yet to hear Ninty bash their competition publicly at least.

    The same can be said for the "casual game console" (wii) BS you hear non-stop from the competition. The wii may not be the IDEAL console for the top game studios to develop for, but its not like they can just write it off an non-existent like so many did with the game cube.

    There also is alot more to offer on the wii then just "next-gen" games. Think about it. wouldn't it be awesome to see a new zelda title specifically for the VC? Link in all his 16-bit glory that made LTTP such a legend? Or a revamped version of mario paint? There is alot of potential here that no one has tapped into yet.

    Now I admit I'm a wii owner and I've been neglecting my wii alot as of late. But not b/c it no longer interests me. I'm a full time college student and I also strive for some semblance of a social life. Plus the fact that I spend the majority of my time either studying or doing clinical rotation's at the local hospitals. But I'm still loving the 16-bit and 8-bit classics of my youth and they keep me happy when I'm not in the mood for wii sports,twilght princess,reflex/dexterity puzzles (trauma canter), or mindless side-scrolling shooting (metal slug).

    The announcement of new titles like Resident evl:UC (even though the demo looked packed with repetitive annoying voices..kinda more like an excuse to go 1st person through the classic RE:environments as opposed to any actual story line.) with all its flaws I still yearn to play/own it.
    Then there's Mario Galaxy which gets better every time I hear about it. It is going to be the highlight of many nintendo veterans collections. The lack of massive online multi player titles or voice chat in the few online games that are out desn't bother me much. Why? because I've got a PC for that. If i want to engage in mindless deathmatching for hours on end,and want to hear 7 year olds scream "OMFG HAXz0rZ!!!11oneone" everytime they get killed, I'll play CS.
    But I think the media has it wrong when they say the wii is for kids b/c we don't have 12 "different" (lol like they can ever be considered original in the first place) FPS games. The wii has a lot of younger fans than the 360,ps3 but the older crowd well speaking personally I enjoy old school format more so than I would playing God of War on my wii. But hey, that's just me.

    The wii is selling more than the cube ever did, that alone is a great start. Then take into consideration the wii's popularity. They not only have filled the finicial hole from the failure of GC sales, but are making profit for the first time in a long time. And more profit means more money for better technology. which means we may actually be on par with the ps4 once its out? So the wii will continue to do well even if it doesn't rope in anymore new gamers a lot of the ones it has already drawn in are going to stick by it for a long time.


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