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    Memory isn't exact, but here's how mine went.

    Oct 2006 bought Resident Evil 0,1,4, Eternal Darkness, SSBM
    Nov 2006 bought my Wii, Zelda TP
    Dec 2006 got my own GC memory card and gave my friend's back, bought Mario 64, recieved a VC controller.
    Jan 2007 Mario Sunshine
    Jan-October VC SMW, Zelda LTTP, Mario Kart 64, DKC, BoF2, Metroid, Super Metroid, Castlevania, Kid Icarus, SMB 2
    March-Sept Bought a GC Grey controller, Wave Race Blue Storm

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    I don't have a Wii with me at college so I'm drawing from my memory:

    -Been aware of Wii since it was announced as Revolution
    -Nov 06, cancelled pre-order from FYE because I didn't want a bundle
    -August 3rd, 2007: Parents finally buy a Wii after finding one for the the first time in Target
    -August 3rd: Got Red Steel; played Wii Sports and RS
    -August 4th: Played RS
    -August 5th: Bought and played Godfather Wii
    -August 11th: Left for college, leaving behind the Wii
    Now playing: Phoenix Wright, Picross
    Wishlist: No More Heroes, SSBB, Disaster: DOC, Fire Emblem DS, Tales of Symphonia 2
    UGa football (11-2): Sugar Bowl Champs

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    -december: ordered wii on gameplay

    -january: received wii, sold it made 60 ($120) profit

    -February: ordered wii on gameplay, received it and played it to my hearts content, got excite truck raving rabbids and monster truck thingy, sold monster truck thingy.

    -may: got spider-man 3

    -june: started lovefilm rental thingy and got loads o' games

    -august: lovefilm expires awwww

    -september: went to shop to buy bwii and nearly died of disappointment (ok maybe not but still disappointed) on discovering that bwii wasn't coming out in europe till who knows when

    -october: got eledees selling spider-man 3.

    -november: planning to get galaxy
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    Game to buy list (in order of importance to me)
    1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    2. Battalion Wars II
    3. Super Mario Galaxy
    4. Force Unleashed (Wii)
    5. Iron Man (Wii)

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