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-battery pack for Wii remote (similar to what PS3's six axis has)
The thing I'm concerned about is that all batteries eventually die, rechargeable or not. I'm curious as to how long the PS3 controller's battery will last until it will have to be replaced, to see if it's truly cost-efficient (since you'll have to buy a whole new remote when the battery dies...unless there's a way to replace the battery itself that I looked over)

And I'd change simple features:
-Internal hard drive or a more seamless way to later add external hard drive support. They really do need it down the line as more downloadable content arrives.
-Classic controller packed in the console along with the nunchuck from the start, along with a small increase in price to make up for it. Reason for this is: Some games really should not feel like they have to use the wiimote, but a lot of the time developers have to make it as the primary control method because not everyone has a different controller option (Classic Controller or Gamecube Controller). Fighting games are a primary example, accelerometer may not be precise enough for fighting games, etc).