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    Habs Rule. Period. Waky Wii's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    In a TWO story igloo! I'm very lucky. It even has electricity!
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    My wish list

    -head set(preferred wireless)
    -starfox online
    -mii channel
    -demo channel
    -exellent online for mario kart wii
    -a forum channel
    -online vc
    Games: Wii Play, Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, MoH:H2, Mario Strikers Charged, Links Crossbow Training, NFS: Carbon, Shrek the Third, WSOP TOC, GHIII, Endless Ocean.
    Virtual Console: Star Fox 64, Mario Bros

    Ea Persona: BirdBrainer
    Msc friend code: 086013 205264. Pm me if you want an easy win!
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    Canadiens 1st in Eastern Conference! Yeehaw!

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    Vermont, USA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waky Wii
    -online vc
    Keep dreaming. Never going to happen. Nintendo threw users a token present with the Virtual Console, allowing you to download ROMs. They're not going to waste time recoding old games to support online. Many games aren't even their code to mess with, the companies and programmers might be long gone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Napalmbrain (Moderator)
    Even if we can somehow keeps this place moderated, eventually the webhosting is going to lapse or something like that, and I doubt i0n's going to be around to fix it. So basically I'm encouraging everyone to migrate over to Link Removed
    Quote Originally Posted by FR. (Moderator)
    i0n just lost interest in this website. And, since no forum can run without an administrator, this forum is basically doomed. Everyone might as well join somewhere else, because if i0n doesn't pay vBulletin, the site will shut down.

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