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    I can't understand??????

    I can't seem to warp my head around the idea of nintendo not making this system able to play DVD's but it's okay for them to make this available for Japan .Oh and for that Guy Matt at ign who did the wii interface vid you r one lucky bastard. Hey do you guy's think that maybe this is one of Big N's secret here's hoping.

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    most likely they added dvd at all because of all the belly-aching, they are releasing in japan as a test environment, frankly I don't care about DVD on the Wii, yeah the PS2 may have had dvd but it was horrible crap unless you bought the update with a remote then it was just crap, goto walmart and pay $20 and you get a much better player than the ps2 ever did and I think everybody even my great grandma has a dvd player already so its really unnecessary unless you are stuck in the 80's.
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    dnt care for DVD player!

    i already have my ps2 and a dvd player....

    would prefer something better...

    In the making

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