If you are looking at no mic support as a good thing, than you have probably never played a competitive game. Mic is essential to all competetive gaming; communication is KEY. Wii does not look like it is supporting communication as well as it should be, and loses an important audience of hardcore gamers right there. I understand that Nintendo takes a very family friendly stance, hence the friend code business and limitations on communication. This is, in one way a good business move. However, they also fail to realize the business of hardcore gaming, an area which the Wii fails to attract at all. All in all, I think it's a bit of a mistake in a business standpoint, and a great problem for non- casual multiplayer people.

What the Wii really needs to do is attract bigtime FPS makers to work with it. The fact that the Wii is very popular and is still not getting quality FPS games is concerning. I think the Wii not getting the Orange Box was a bit of a slap in the face by Valve, as this is a very popular, very amazing product that was released everything except for Wii. Nintendo has the oppurtunity now to go toe to toe in the multiplayer business with Microsoft, but so far has been failing. Live was made for X-box, a previous generation console, and it still blows Wii's online out of the water in terms of functionality and ease of use.

I'm sorry, this was a long post. I had been a Nintendo fan for 10 years before switching over to PC for good. Why did I switch? Because I wanted something that could get me great online games, and Wii fails to deliver that. But who knows, maybe they'll pull something out of their sleeve. All I know is, video games are more popular than ever, and when I hear people I know talk about games, I don't hear "What do you think of Twilight Princess?" I hear "Great game of Gears last night, eh?"