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    the guy below- HES BACK!! Wiitime's Avatar
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    Its there, but sold out!!! I am so pissed off that its sold out already…..This sucks…. I am losing a little confidence about getting the wii on release day… I didn’t even know walmart was doing preorders.

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    '';aM;'' Inspire Inspire's Avatar
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    yeah, man, I'm just sad. I missed it by literally minutes because I stayed in the car listening to the radio....

    I actually saw one link that went to inn stock and another that pulled up nothing, so I hurried up and put it in my cart, but then it told me that there was a problem with my configuration. SO, I went back and tried changing some stuff around, thinking they may have run out of one of the games I picked.... no - they just ran out of preorders.

    10 minutes and they're gone. How ridiculous. I think if I stand in line on launch day, I'll go to target or someplace.
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