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    Quote Originally Posted by shiz
    I would actually have to agree with you. I'm tired of self-proclaimed "hardcore" gamers looking down on casual gamers as if they are beneath them. The fact is that we are both, in fact, GAMERS!

    Although I don't particularly agree with all of Nintendo's strategies, they certainly had to do what they needed to do as a business. They may have neglected part of their audience but gained a bigger one in the process

    just my 2 cents
    Yes, exactly! I find this whole "Hardcore" vs " casual" enmity whack! I believe Nintendo turned away from entirely supporting these hardcore players because that audiance was dwindeling fast! They were turning away from Nintendo, dismissing it as kiddy, long before the wii came along!

    I believe it was Sony who made videogames more mainstream with the PS One and the Ps 2. Nintendo just went further with the wii, appealing to a wider audaince instead of to males from 12 to 33. Now EVERYONE can enjoy a hobby that was mostly geard toward the so called, "elete" players, the most skilled ones. Perhaps these eletists fear that their hobby isn't so exculsive anymore.

    Nintendo needed some new blood! The idea of EXPANDING your audiance was brillant! I mean why can't these new players become more experienced? What prevents this inevitable evelution of experience? What dose the "hardcore" really fear from these new ones?

    The game Cube only sold 20 million units during it's entire 5 years life span! Now look at the wii, it has sold over 13 million units in under a year! Nintendo is obviously doing SOMETHING right!

    Finally: I believe Nintendo hasn't abandoned the more seasoned players. There are games on the wii for them, and more are coming!
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    i find the article pretty good and i agree with it. its not so much hes saying that nintendo is forgetting hardcore gamers, its that that hardcore gamers are an afterthought.

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