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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitfire_K
    Yeah, if we dont get on at launch Ronan, we will have to wait another month or two before we can get one, and there 13 days are killing me!
    Actually the Wii's are shipping Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so there's a pretty good chance that you'll get one, also there is a shipment that is soppesdly coming in before Christmas so it shouldn't be super difficult to get one

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    So.....I still havn't really gotten an answer to my question....

    Waited 13 hours, but I got my Wii!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitfire_K
    But Rare is Microsoft's bitch, so if Microsoft throws a fit, which is likely since the big N is their competition, it won't happen. Just don't get your hopes up, guys.

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    I'll be running some recon on the stock at a couple of walmarts near me a few days ahead of time. One is fairly new and in an isolated area, but as it stands right now, they won't be bringing the wii out on the shelves until 8am, but I went to school in that small town - there's got to be somebody I know who works there... I'm not sure if the other walmart will do a midnight launch or not. SInce they're so close together, I really hope they launch at the same time, otherwise the later one will catch spillover if the first runs out of stock.

    So, I'm going to call and do some walkthroughs and try to get the barcode scanned. Depending on how dire it looks, I may tap some friends to do flybys and check the lines every so often. I can't spend all night in line - job, grad school, kids, etc. I won't even bother with Target or Best BUy - all those stores are in more populated areas and I'm certain they'll sell out first.

    I'm really banking on folks not knowing about this new Walmart, but the delayed launch there may negate that advantage...

    It really isn't a simple formula, but by gathering enough information and doing some careful planning, I should get one on launch. I'll try to let you guys know what I find as I get more information.


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