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Are any of you all a member over at ps3chat or xbox360chat? Well I have been noticing that this forum is the only one of the three that does not flame the other consoles. Xbox 360 isn't as bad as PS3 guys though. Why do they feel the need to flame the Wii. What purpose does it really solve? You don't like the console, fine deal with it but why flame? I saw people on the ps3 forum get down right upset over each other just because one person says the wii sucks and the other says the ps3 sucks. They're all good consoles that have good things about them. Xbox 360 is clearly the online bit, PS3s are something like a 360 only they don't burn up lol, and a Wii even with shitty graphics has good gameplay. I was watching the people over there say how horrible Super Mario Galaxy was and I just don't see how they can say that. They think SMG is for children which my nephew tried to play it and he just isn't very good at it compared to me. I am just sick of the console wars and wish they'd all just come together in peace but it aint ever gonna happen. I am not sure why I am ranting on this but I just wanted to say something to someone.
This is because Nintendo Fanboys (like myself) are much more humble people. And now that the humble people are winnning, the arrogant cocky punks(AKA SONY fanboys) want to try to bring us down. HA! it's laughable.