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    Personally, I think people should leave politics and such out of this discussion. Talk of anti-hippie's and anti-communism seems merely a token of popular western opinion and shouldn't be said without things to back it up, and this thread is not the place. If you want to continue to discuss it, I think you should open it up into a new thread.

    But ye, the study only goes to damage Greenpeace for it's poor research rather than Nintendo.
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    Well now...

    Quote Originally Posted by Celeste
    I couldn't be arsed to give flying fig about the environment. Then I met a really sexy environmental scientist. So perhaps I care now...a little.
    But still, wtf?
    You'll care when you can't breath anymore and your skys turn grey from air pollution, And anyone who's anti-hippie is pretty close minded, do you know what hippies are about? peace,love,free will. If everyone in this world thought like you. It'd be way more of a hellhole than it really is *sighs shamefully*

    Greenpeace isn't out to make friends cause they don't have many. But I can't agree with anyone getting a score of 0 from lack of evidence, they should've waited till they got some more evidence before they posted that article...

    Or is it a conspiracy to get people to stop playing video games and go outside and play? who knows?

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    Hmmm, I can see a very heated discussion about the environment in this thread in the near future.
    Greenpeace is a group of fanatics who are going about their "job" the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, I do care about the environment, but they take it too far sometimes. Unfortunately as it is, politics don't work, and if they use force then they will be told off by the government for doing it, telling them to leave it to the (dysfunctional) government.
    Nintendo is fine, they should choose some of the bigger companies that are undoubtedly doing worse than Nintendo.
    I live in Australia, and Rudd just signed the Kyoto protocol, so the Americans have nothing on us!!

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