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Thread: wii haters!?

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    What /\ said but to a lighter extent
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradwest96
    Ya, I know a lot of people who hate the Wii. But, the Wii is cheaper, has just as good graphics, and much greater gameplay. It gets you moving and standing up. Unlike if you have a PS3, just sitting there with the controller in their hands.
    I'd like to say first that im not a wii hater but this post is all wrong!

    Just as good graphics? do you even know what a 360/PS3 is? lol
    Wii gets you moving and standing up? i remember standing the first day i got my wii, then i realized i could sit/lay on my futon and play using only my wrists.
    i'll give u the cheaper, but the 360 is just 20 dollars more now-a-days. and the PS3 is much more expensive still.
    as for gameplay, thats a matter of opinion, i'd say the good wii games ahve better gameplay but take a game like..oh idn..your average crap wii port and then play a 360/PS3 game and tell me wich one plays better.

    wii still pwns tho

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    Whats the point of bringing this subject to this website when you have a bunch of Wii fanboys to back it up. All they will say is "Wii is better than the XBox 360 and PS3" and other crap like that. Real gamers may choose a side (I love meh Wii, too, guys, don't hate) but will also embrace the other consoles, too, and never ever rip on them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpinkins
    Then get an Xbox 360

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    Wii vs. XBox360 vote and Win a wii

    you're definitely on topic there, bud
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    Wii Is Good
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    That is of course you can actually play the game on your 360. Unless you got/get the Red Ring of Death. The 360 is the most expensive in terms of overall price (monthly fees included.)

    And one the ps3 is fully exploited the 360 won't be able to keep up so well. But by that time the successor to the 360 will be well on it's way.

    If you want longevity and are willing to wait for the killer aps to come then get a ps3, it has enough potential to do amazing things....eventually.

    The 360 is for you if you're well accustomed to the Microsoft brand. If you liked the xbox then the 360 is more of the same only better. The drawback? They nickle and dime you to death in order to fully get the most out of your console.
    The Xbox live fees weren't so bad last gen, because xbox live was revolutionary to the console division of online gaming.

    But then the 360/wii /ps3 are launched. Wifi is now standard and is expected out of current technology. So suddenly the groundbreaking interface of XBL isn't so groundbreaking anymore. It's just normal. Plus the fact that there is no built in wifi.
    So You have to buy the adapter for it which is another $50.
    So the 360 is a bit of a gamble and there's only a matter of time before the ps3 and wii pick up enough steam to turn the 360 into a risky business venture.

    The wii may be "gimmicky" it may be "a re-invented game cube" but considering what little resources and capital Nintendo had; to come up with the wii? I think they did a damn good job.
    Considering that they made little to profit in game cube sales. They haven;t been on top since the Snes. Both the N64 and the Game cube were considered failures in the end.
    The wii was a desperation move on their part. Sure the results aren't as polished as we'd like. (the nun chuck accelerometer sucks) and the graphics aren't amazing when stacked beside the other two power house machines, but they're still good in their own right.

    The wii suffers from lack of serious 3rd party support. And also a lot of the "hardcore" crowd feels that the wii market is catering to the casual "non-gamer" more so than the fans. Also the online service for the wii is limited at best right now, making communication over the internet via wii a mixed bag.

    All three consoles have their ups and downs. It's all a matter of taste.

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    Are you implying that every person who hates the Wii is just denying it's greatness? There can't be one, single, solitary person who just...doesn't like the Wii?

    If so, that's completely ignorant. There happen to be people who *E-gasp!* dislike the Wii. I have a Wii, I like it alright, but I think Nintendo would have made a better move by sticking with the same controller instead of using the "Wiimote" to off-set all the other things the Wii lacks. Online, graphics, memory...I think it's going to hurt the Wii in the long run. There's no way to "upgrade" it in the future like you can with the PS3 and 360. I know a ton of people who use the GC controller for all their Wii games, doesn't that totally defeat the purpose of the Wii? You basically just payed $250 to play games that are only going to be on that platform. No better graphics, hardly any better memory.

    I don't mean for it to seem like I'm hating on the Wii, because I can't wait for Mario Kart and Brawl. I've been a member here since the opening of the site and stayed for a reason...I love my Wii. I just hope you're not thinking that every single person that so called "hates" the Wii is just in denial or something. There are those who don't like the controller-scheme and would rather buy a different console.
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    Quote Originally Posted by livid2639
    as we all know theres always one of your friends or person that you know that cant stand the wii. if you bring it up they instantly say "360/ps3 is better)

    But whats the truth about why they hate wii so much?
    it might be because the wii is the top selling system, even though they say " i dont care about the numbers" seceratly they do.

    i actually pulled this from a website that is just to complain about how "stupid pointless the wii is" can you belive theres actually a website to just beach about the wii?

    Edit: I;m reffering to the quited part within the OP's post, not the OP.

    my personal opinion for people that hate on the Wii is that they want one, but think there to tough to own it. i have friends that love to play it, then go to a party, Wii gets brought up and whammo!! "i hate the wii, its so stupid, ps3 is so much better, wii is like the ps3s crap"
    that ticks me off

    anyone can add to this if they would like.
    As I read this rant, I saw that this person have never tried a wii, so how can he say it's crap? He mighta read about the controller and saw a few images, didn't understand it, and because of that, he concluded it was crap. Never mind people like that and enjoy your wii.

    EDIT, for some weird reason the quoted part didn't print, and that what I was refering to, not the OP.
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    For me at the moment.

    NeoGeo>PC>360>DS>Wii>PS2>Dreamcast(Shenmue)>Genesi s>PSP>PS3(haven't played it enough, will hit the roof when Square's core games hit the market)
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    I like the Wii alright but it still isn't meeting my expectations. I love my PS3 though

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