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Oh and for those saying Wii is not that powerful, give me a break. Playing small .mp3 files during a game is nothing. I really get sick of this "purist" stuff about videogame systems should only play videogames. This is usually said by people who've never owned an Xbox or PS2 before and it's so lame.

I own both systems, and infact like both, and both I haven't and never will use either for a purpose that isn't gaming. I'm not saying I won't use the Wii's features the channels offer promise, but my pictures will never be on there, nor am I worried about whether or not I'll be able to ruin a games soundtrack by adding my own. Most games since NES times have spent just as much time working on the soundtrack of a game as the graphics and engine. There is a reason for that, immersion into the game, and simple hints at changes in the game to alert you. Yeah sure you can import your own in some games but what do you really need to hear in a game like GTA other than hookers shouting and police sirens( never did like those games much). It'll be nice to turn on the tube and check the weather, hopefully check out Wiichat on the Wii, that might be funny. but I have a computer for media purposes.
The "purist" thing comes from gaming being lost in all the features of a console, even nintendo has slipped a bit into that. But I'm not complaining about that itself, I complain about people whining because they didn't go far enough into features crammed into the Wii like hooking an Ipod up to it or it not playing DVD's.