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Thread: The conspiracy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yungblood6
    cant get a wii thank you for your post if i would have seen that in your other posts i wouldnt have made this one because its basicly saying the same thing.
    No worries, but what I posted is not the same thing as yours.
    Mine is showing how there is no conspiracy and why holding their consoles back would be a mistake.

    Seriously, why would they hold their consoles back before Christmas, when some people still need to buy games like Galaxy because they wanted to wait for Christmas. Plus people still need them, so there is still demand for them.
    There is no reason for them to hold them back, there is no conspiracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumn0ob
    So all we have to do to become mods is be online all time I can do that on break which is now

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixStringedStress
    Take an economics class, demand will almost always be higher than quantity in this case because nintendo doesn't outsource it's production. I repeat: NINTENDO DOES NOT OUTSOURCE IT'S PRODUCTION. Do you understand that it puts a serious cramp in quantitiy unlike Microsoft and Sony who are much bigger entities that can handle production throughout the year and not just Christmas.
    FYI, the WSJ begs to differ with you....
    "Nintendo's job is all the more difficult because it outsources all production, compared with other companies, who make their own products. "

    For yungblood6 I'd say that I did read the article and I don't see anything in there that validates that they think there is a conspiracy. I DO think that it is taking Nintendo a really long time to get production properly up and running. But I am beginning to think they are just dense and not holding things up on purpose. They are... kind of a weird company.

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