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    nintendos new site

    hello has anyone else been on nintendos new site for UK&Ireland?
    i have a problem when trying to register new games on their site- it keeps giving me a new security code am not a knob and know how to read

    and has anyone got to swap their stars for points? i couldnt get logged in for ages and when i did their wasnt any points to get at all

    please give some feed back on this issue its really pissing me off
    current wii games: who wants to be a millionaire - resident evil the umbrella chronicles - super mario galaxy-need for speed prostreet - metroid and prime 3-mortal kombat armageddon-resident evil 4-smooth moves-wii play-wii sports

    traded in: simpsons game, red steel, MOH Vanguard, Mario Strikers Charged, trauma center:SO, transformers, brain academy, NFS carbon, spinter cell double agent, sonic and the secret rings

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