i don't have a wireless router yet, but i was eager to start playing my new Wii last night so i went ahead and hooked it up, turned it on, and loaded the Sports game (with no internet connection). With the disc loaded it initially prompted some sort of update (didn't indicate if it was game update or hardware update). the progress bar loaded up, but then i got a disc error/please reboot message. after rebooting the Wii i put the Sports game back in and it is giving me "unreadable disc" messages.

anyone have any clue what might be going on? i'm hoping i don't have a faulty optical lens. i'm going to pick up another game on the way home to see if another game will load up.

is an online update necessary to start playing games? i assume not but i thought it might be worth asking.

PS - i also tried resetting the Wii to the default factory settings but that did not help, and this also did NOT lead me to another update prompt.