hey guys i was wondering if anyone can get a few of the wii excperience videos ( mabye 2 of the zelda ones and 2 of the sports ones) and this video v \tgEFACibvf - v and some how make it avaliable for me to dl onto my hard drive (cant seem to find a way to DL off the site but if anyone has any sujjestions of how to do this on my mac i am open to them).

the reason i ask this is im going to see my mom and my brother and they live in the boonies (so no broadband ) and i really want to show them what the wii is going to be like.

im going to cut together a few videos i downloaded from IGN plus these videos if i can get them. thanks to anyone who can help. i leave in 2 days to visit them so if u can help before then that would be great