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    Gamestop/EB demo units

    So I finally saw the Wii in person, but couldn't play it turns out that EB and gamestop have had the demo consoles for some time, the twist, they received no Wii-motes or games, some didn't even get the cords. A Nintendo rep needs to actually be at the store to give them the rest of the equipment, one EBgames store had the unit all hooked up but the Nintendo rep that was supposed to stop by with the Wii-mote and demo disc is on maternity leave, but they said at both eb and gamestop Nintendo has a deadline for the demo consoles of Nov. 14th to have them all hooked up, too bad I'm not stopping after work this week, and after this weekend I'll have my own system so there goes demoing a unit first but oh well. by the way the size is really 2-3 dvd discs, think your cd/dvd drive in your computer and that is about the same size, really tiny unlike the other 2 losers, 360 and ps3 need to go on a diet.
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    Same here went to EBGames asw nothing but a Wii in a clear box. Really tiny.

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    LOL nICE !

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