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    Quote Originally Posted by wiiCrazy
    AAAAAAHHHHHH i actually dremed about getting my Wii last night!!!
    I just had another Dream about buying my wii xD
    Here is what happened:
    I was with my parents and we went to the store. We were at Ebgames and the guy said: Oh sorry were out!
    So then i got mad at him and walked away into another store... Walmart. Again i did not have the chance . So i went to Bestbuy... And there it was there was only a few left on the bottom shelf. I picked it up, And voila *lalalala* i had it in my hands the box... After i got it i bought it and brought it home. It was so shiny and white. i touched it , it was so smooth. The wiimote was so nice. I know my dreams are usualy in grey in white... is that just me ? Anywho after i opened the TV pop i wake up
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    Be a man. Like Link.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreyKirby
    Quote Originally Posted by Pieman147
    While I'm at home staying up all night my mom will be camping out getting me the following...

    Wii Console
    Wiimote and nunchuk
    Legend of Zelda
    Super Monkey Ball
    Red Steel
    Go moms!Elebits isnt a launch title anymore
    And by the way , Your mom sounds like the type of mom that would just do whatever she was told to. I mean i no nobody's mom who would go through so much to get his son/ daughter a system, Especialy if SHE has to pay for it.
    Its not as if the next day is a school day, be a man and camp out for yourself. Making your MOM go camp out in fromt of a store for you, pathetic. Pussy.
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