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    Nintendo Wii Tour

    So from Nov. 15th-January 13th Nintendo is doing a Wii tour at different Westfield shopping malls (http://www.gamestop.com/gs/wii/wii_tour.asp) around the country. Does anyone know if this is a kiosk within Gamestop or will there be an actual seperate booth set up at these malls?

    I work at the mall here and I guess they're having a mall employee night. Basically, mall employees get to play with the Wii for two hours on the night of the 14th before it's open to the public the next day.

    I'm excited. I have my Wii pre-ordered and I can't wait 'til Saturday. BTW, expect to start seeing commercials for the Wii starting Wednesday. Nintendo is putting some 200 million into their ad campaign.

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