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Thread: question??

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    secondary question: why is playstation so desperate in catching wii in sales. first of all sony stole nintendos idea with the tilt tech now they are trying to push the eye toy to be like the wii its like a dbz episode. the wii is gohan and ps3 is cell and gohan just went ssj2 now cell is getting desperate and is tryin everything to stop him lol sorry sony you lost this time. better luck next time

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    well i was feeling bad for sony at first, they put there heart and sole into PS3 and its a great system... but forcing blue ray on it shot the price up and kinda killed its introduction... in the past sony has tryed this and failed atleast this time they are sharing blue ray with other manufactures and not forcing them to pay for rights to use it.... they learned from old mistake *see mini disk

    But now sony is picking up, if you look at there sales trend they are pretty much the same as 360 was after its first year so i think they will be fine. specially with ps2 still being big... they made alot of crtical mistakes but so did everybody in this gen system... but they arnt hurting dont forget sony and microsoft sell a few other things besides games unlike nintendo..lol

    they arnt really doing bad. sony and microsoft just aimed it at what they new would sell, the hardcore gamers. they had no clue nintendo would get everyone to gaming again with the wii... so they arnt really competing to get nintendos sales they are more or less competing to keep the people they already had.... the biggest hit i think will be in japan for sony...

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