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    I live . . . . in your soul . . . thats deep
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    You guys are great
    Thanks for feeling sorry for me
    I hope Ill have a Wii by Feb. 10 . . .

    Thanks alot Bigwiliiy!!
    ARav989 that is a heartbreaking story . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smileface
    If you read my last thread telling of my pathetic story of wii related woe, you will know that I sprained my wrist and leg on the way to get a wii, and the day after that, went to get it and reservations ended the day before, resulting in me having to wait until February. ANYWAY, a second attempt to get the wii, I followed everyones advice and went to a different store instead of gamestop. WELL, since Best Buy had quote "Totally like, none in stock, bra!" I went to Circuit City! I asked the manager personally, since he can't possibly make a mistake, and he said, "We will DEFINITELY have wiis in stock this Sunday." I asked again, and he gave me a 100% guarantee. I asked when to be there, and he said as early as possible, maybe 2 hours before they open. SO, that sunday, I woke up very early, (6:00) went to Circuit City, and waited for the store to open for 2 hours. In the cold. With the wind Blowing fiercely at my face. I wondered why there was no line, or any person whatsoever for that matter, but I couldn't go home since my Dad dropped me off and my cell phone broke from the car accident from my last story. So, stranded in front of a Circuit city in the cold, standing for 2 hours is definitely worth getting a wii. FINALLY, the store opened. I hopped in with a mix of happiness and frozen fingers, and went straight to the wii section. I looked around, and it wasn't there. ?? I thought . . . I asked some employees where the wii was. They said they dont have any, and I went to the manager. He said, "Sorry!" And walked off. How cruel is that? AND to top it all off, I got pneumonia from Standing in the cold for so long.
    The store did not give me anything, no discount, no ACTUAL apology, just aa simple, "Sorry!"
    And for those who are wondering, Yes, I did call them before they opened, but they were not there. And yes, I called them the day before and they said they would have it.
    Well then . . . .
    That is my SECOND wii related sad story.
    Thank you for reading
    and Thank you if you actually feel sorry for me.
    That is the meanest wii related account I have ever heard ina long time! That's the kinda stuff that makes people go "postal." I hope you can get one soon. And yes, I do feel sorry for you, but more angry at how you been treated...

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    shit i hope that dosent happen to me when i get a wii feel sorry for ya though
    credit goes to MRvisiter on the castle crashers fourm


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