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    Wiitat thread 11/01/08

    Time for more of the tat that gets realesd on the wii to get a look at
    (mostly with the why face)

    Just in time for the massmarket hype day that is valantines day
    mm, wiilicious! What better way to say I love you than with diamonds. But for those who can't afford pricey stones, there's this: Mii-shaped chocolates. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Priced at US$14.95, the set comes in milk and white chocolate, and it's possible to switch out the girl for another boy (vice versa). Sadly, the chocolate figures aren't based on your own Miis. Probably for the best imagine biting your loved one's chocolate Mii head off. The horror.

    Wii speakers ? (for sale soon)
    The South Hall of CES is loaded with traditionally non-gaming companies showcasing their wares with popular games. If you want to get in a few free sessions of Guitar Hero III, Halo 3 or Wii Sports, this is the place to be. If you're looking for a speaker that's shaped like a Wii nunchuk, it's also the place to be. Fenda Tech's home theater offering may have a very specific appeal with it's Wii inspired speakers and subwoofer, but it actually sounds pretty good for a novelty product. Fenda says the 2.1 system "intensifies your gaming with a soundfield that surrounds you," so if that sounds like your bag, watch for the $50-ish system to launch later this year.
    I think ill stick to my 5.1 set up

    Marios balls (ok not realy)
    The Wham-O Super Ball has been around since 1965 and we recall the olden days when kids used to throw one or more around in the schoolyard and smack the other kids in the face with them. Those types of shenanigans probably still go on today so Bandai has announced a set of Super Balls with Super Mario Galaxy figurines inside.

    Each Super Mario Galaxy Super Ball measures 45mm or 1.77" in diameter so they're roughly regulation issue size. The Super Balls that are sold in the USA are approximately 1.66" in diameter. Seven styles are on offer including one which contains a Star and another which houses a Flower from the Mario universe. Jan Code: 4543112518330

    Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April 2008 at US$22 per complete set of seven SMG Super Balls.
    I think soon they will run outa things to put that Marios face on
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    The idea someone would buy that crap. You seriously can't find anything else to give your girl/guy besides chocolate in a wii-box?

    And Mario games are great. But do they have to milk him that much? Now I understand why some people despise him.
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