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    The lines where I live (Columbus OH) are already started for the PS3. Some places are now telling me that they don't expect much of a problem If I want a Wii system. I actually talked to a store today that said they haven't even seen that much interest in the Wii, everything has been PS3. That might pass however after very few people get the PS3 and start looking for an alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrserv0n248
    He was basing the market and availability on the economic standpoint that Wii is more popular in detroit,which is simply a retarded statement. So I said let me guess your rich communty is going to get the opposite because they like PS3 more.
    why are you getting so angry! he was only saying that your area MIGHT like wii's more than PS3's. Not many stores are gonna get more than 10. Oh yeah and there was nothing racist about that comment.

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    GUYS GUYS! he was just joking!

    Besides, if your gonna make fun of economical issues in a city, then glasgow is the place!

    I hate Photobucket

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