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    i dont know if its just me but i dont get the ps3 comercials??? are they just to be weird? or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rift
    worst than that is the one with with a baby doll and it freakishly comes alive infront of the PS3, and the doll's eyes start burningan reflecting games or something and just a load of BS they'd have done better just showing a screen of the PS3
    that one creeps me out, i mean REALLY CREEPS ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously, WTF WAS SONY THINKING!!!!! i mean, seriously, thats just weird. i mean, wat happened? wat did some guy working at sony say "okay, okay, i got it. we'll have a really creepy plastic baby in the middle of a white room in front of a ps3. then, the baby doll will come alive. it will then have reflections of games in its eyes. thats the whole commercial!" now, that sounds pretty stupid right there (that guy must have been high or something), but even dumber, a higher-up in sony must have said "good idea!"

    anyway, sony was kind of just being an asshole about that six axis thing. i mean, when u rip off a feature off of another game system that has that feature as its main feature, and your rip off is basically just a last-minute add-on 2 compete, U SHOUL'DNT BE BRAGGING ABOUT IT!!! U SHOULD BE AS DISCREAT AS POSSIBLE!

    no offense 2 sony fans (my best friend is a sony fan), but sonys just being an asshole right now
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    yeah i just saw that one......a little to weird for the US and others.....maybe
    they should keep the weird comercials in Japan were its liked!

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    The Rubix cube one is awesome, the rest are pretty terrible.

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