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    okay if it's a newer 360/PS3 game expect somewhere aroudn $27
    if it's a newer Wii game expect somewhere around 20 (although i got 27 for metroid a month or two back)
    if it's an older PS2 game, theres really no way to tell. anywhere from .50 cents to 15 bucks.

    i usually trade in to gamestop, i like gamestop, they treat me good there. though they may rip me off on trade-ins the edge card really saves you money when trading in/buying used games so it really balances out in the end.

    if you have 10 games to trade in for an older system expect somewhere around 60 buck for them wich isnt half bad.

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    Regarding the original question. Donít Trade to Block Buster because they really do rip you off. You can get a pretty decent trade in at Game Stop if you have a couple things. The first is one of their discount cards. It really is a good del, not only for the subscription to Game Informer which is worth it right there, but because you get 10% of used games, and you get 10% on all your trade ins. Every month Game Stop also runs a coupon in Game Informer for and extra 10-20% extra on your trade in when you use your discount card. That means if you get 30% extra on trade in's. So your $15 for a game just became $20. Plus Game stop usually has their Trade in 3 games or more and get an extra 20% on trade in's. All this extra credit paired with 10% of a used game can make for a great deal. And yes you can get cash back but they take off 20%. Hope this helps.
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    Ahh man... whatever you do, do NOT go to GameStop. I traded in Elebits (it was in perfect condition) and they only gave me a lousy 10 bucks!

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