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    I liked RE4 better on GC. It was fun on Wii, but it turned the game into basically a Arcade game. It took away the challenge and the Survival/Horror aspects. I think thats why alot of people say GC was better. Its fun to use Wii-motes point but thats it. The motion controls were pointless, it didnt make it more fun to shake my wii-mote to slash a knife.

    Wii-motes sensors do not make for better gameplay unless its a mini-game. Point and click is the most fun part, but I still wouldn't want it for competitive gaming because it makes it into a arcade game. Thats why my Wii is my console for 1st parties and some quick fun. Zelda on GC was 100% the same than on the Wii. They're both the same fun. Motion controls dont make it better on the Wii.

    Which I think is the point Sovieto was making because wezeles is acting like Wii's motion makes for better gameplay which is crap, it depends on the a persons preference. Shooting is always fun with Wii-mote but I rather use analog in the long run.
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    like i said in the end of my post its still gonna end up being personal opinion...
    Most of you are basing it on difficulty level like most "hardcore" gamers would...

    I personally liked the fact it felt more like an arcade shooter,ive got more than enough FPS's. And the arcade feel is a nice change of pace, I havent had that feeling since i bought my 3DO and have the real video mixed in with my games making it corney and very arcade like...

    but obviously the mass audience has already decided the change in game play over the same analog controls over and over again is more than enough to make up for its graphical short commings...
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