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Thread: Colors?

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    As you guys saw at E3 there were different colors of Wii's and Wiimotes shown with their respective nunchucks. Supposedly according to various sources a BLACK NINTENDO WII WILL BE AVAILABLE IN JANUARY. That is not 100% but I'm waiting till then anyway so I can gurantee a system and I don't have to keep going to the store at 2:00 a.m. to buy one before they sell out. Anyway I'm almost positive that according to my sources, which are pretty reliable (forums, game news etc . . .) a black Wii will be out in January.

    Oh yeah, this is not relevant but make sure to get a Wii before June 2007. All users who buy it before June 2007 can download the Wii WebBrowser for FREE!!! That is Official Nintendo News - 100% True

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