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Thread: Best Buy Lines

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    Let's not forget, last year people were camping out at BB's after launch for the 360 because of the short supply. My cousin waited out in the sub-zero weather last December to get one.

    Get your local Sunday paper on Saturday and check the ads. If they're advertising a PS3 or Wii it usually means they got a shipment and will be putting them up for sale Sunday.

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    The town I live in is pretty darn small and there's been several tents outside Wal-Mart for a few days. I was going to go get a PS3 and then scalp it on Ebay, but I changed my mind after seeing the line that's already there. Plus, with no more than my Wal-Mart will get I really don't want to take one from someone who actually wants it. However, if there hadn't been a line I would have made some easy cash.
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