You are forgetting a lot of developers wrote the Wii as a failure before it launched in 2007. It takes years, not months to make a quality game. The Wii is here to stay and developers will jump on board more and more as time goes on.

If Sony and Microsoft could control their game budgets, then yes, they could get first place. But at $20 million a game!? They need to address their own issues. Right now there are way too many cooks in the kitchen, and half of them are outsourced cooks with poor standards. It shouldn't cost $20 million to make a game. You'd be amazed how many middle men get a chunk of that pie. I heard Lost Planet took $20 million to make and another $20 million went to ads. $20 million for ads?! WTF? So you're telling me in this new era the middle men deserve as much as the entire game team? Screw that, and screw them.