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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickj
    wow, 5 months?! thats a long time i've only had mine for three. but i suggest you keep calling to see whether or not you are to go there and pick it up. but i think that because you've preordered they will call you and give you details.
    I wish it were that easy... I can't even get a hold of them, let alone them calling me.

    EDIT: Just thought I'd add, they never called me... and when I picked up the system I was told that the 'bundle' on my preorder was just to guarantee a copy of twilight princess (which I had no intention of buying at launch anyway) and an extra wiimote (not including nunchuk)... needless to say they ran out of nunchuks but I was able to snatch an extra wiimote... so I'm not disappointed in anyway, glad to have been one of the lucky bunch to get one today.
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